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The Brown Forum for Enterprise serves to build enterprise within the region by drawing together entrepreneurs, enterprising individuals, researchers, industry, capital sources and service organizations by providing timely programs and events that educate, inform and support in an enhanced networking environment. It seeks to be inclusive of all individuals who wish to be enterprising through the creation of new companies, the aid and expansion of existing commercial enterprises or the dissemination and use of knowledge to benefit the wider community.


The Brown Forum for Enterprise takes its genesis from the Brown Venture Forum, an entity formed in 1984 by William Jackson, then President of the Brown University Research Foundation, together with a core of sponsoring organizations comprised of local business leaders. Twenty years of BVF programs have provided the foundation from which to launch a new program of events for the 2004-05 season of the Brown Forum for Enterprise.

Deep Cleaning your Living Room

Your living room is one of the busiest rooms in the house, besides the kitchen. This is where your family- meets, entertains, plays, watches TV and often times eats. It’s no wonder this space always seems so dirty! Even if you clean every day, it still seems as though it could be cleaner.

Here are 5 steps to deep cleaning even the dirtiest of living rooms

1.) Vacuum- I know this may seem obvious, but you never know the power of a good vacuum cleaner until you’ve tried one! Always be sure to clean the filters of your vacuum cleaner. If the filter isn’t clean the suction on the vacuum cleaner is not as useful. First, make sure everything is picked up off the floors. This includes toys, area rugs, chairs, tables, anything that may get in the way of your cleaning. Next, you want to make sure you get under the couches, chairs and tables where crumbs and dirt pile up. Also don’t forget to vacuum the drapes, this is something so many of us forget about it. You may take it for granted but the bottom of drapes can get so dirty so fast, especially if you have pets running around and rubbing against them. It’s fairly simple to use the detachable hose and just slide it down each curtain. Lastly, don’t forget to vacuum the furniture. Always make sure to use the detachable hose and light bristle brush to clean off couch and chair cushions. Remove the cushions and be sure to clean out whatever has gathered down there (and maybe make some extra pennies too!).

2.) Clean Behind furniture – it is easy to clean around the furniture leaving it in one spot and just vacuuming or sweeping around it, but when you need a real deep clean you have to move the furniture and clean behind it. Once you see all of the dust that has piled up behind end tables and TV stands you will be happy that you are cleaning it. You may also notice some discoloration in the carpet from the wear of the rug not covered by the couch. If it is an area rug then you are fortunate enough to be able to rotate it so that your carpet is worn evenly.

3.) Steam clean furniture and floors- Steam cleaners have come a long way! Gone are the days where you can’t sit on or walk on the places that were steam cleaned for days. Most steam cleaners these days will dry to the touch within an hour. This makes it a painless and easy way to ensure your living room is getting a deep cleaning. It will be amazing to you to see how much dirt is stuck in your carpeting and furniture even after vacuuming.

4.) Dust everything – I don’t mean just run a rag over the tables and TV, I mean actually dust! Use a good polish and old rag, move off everything that is on the tables or stands and dust underneath. Be sure to polish or clean anything you are putting back onto the table. The worst thing to do is to put something dusty on a freshly polished surface.

5.) Clean the windows, inside and out! One of the most common mistakes to make is to clean the windows on the inside only. It’s not until there is a ray of sun in your windows that you see the dirt that is layered on coming from the outside. It’s not always easy but there are many cleaners that can be bought at your local hardware store that you can attach to a hose and just spray from the outside.

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5 Habits For a Cleaner Home!

They say it takes 30 days to make a habit click into a robotic gesture. Here are five simple habits you can teach yourself to make for a cleaner home on the constant!

1. Laundry Day
By having a set laundry day you won't have the opportunity to get overwhelmed with the stress of how to work laundry into your schedule nor ever again have to deal with having nothing clean to wear.

2. Empty Dishwasher in the Morning
This way you'll be able to make yourself a dinner instead of depend on bagged products because coming back home after work to an already clean house makes for an ease of mind that will leave you feeling a little fresher and wanting to keep up the clean feeling internally as well as externally.

3. Cleaning Your Fridge and Pantry Before Shopping
By getting into the simple habit of throwing away what's no longer in good condition or you just don't want or need anymore before you hop off to the store as well as slipping a quick wash cloth across the spills, you'll find that you no longer have the looming mess of a skunked up fridge or cupboards because none of it will have a chance to build up over weeks of not fussing with it.

4. Cleaning While Cooking
Nobody likes having to deal with the mountain of dishes that accumulates after cooking or baking, so often we refrain from doing anything homemade in order to keep from having to deal with the mess, but that's not the right answer. All you have to do is get into the habit of cleaning up that spill of flour or water and cleaning out that bowl and pan as soon as you're done using it, and no longer will you have to worry about the frightening sight of an army of dirty dishes. The awesome added bonus to this is that you'll be far more likely to actually feel inclined to cook and bake yourself which is always a yummy plus!

5. Clean Before Sleep

By getting in the simple habit of making sure things are tidy before bed you will save yourself the stress of a mess when you wake and be set in a good mood from the moment you open your eyes.

Give these 5 simple tips a try and rest easy with a permanently cleaner home.

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Best Tips To Do A Deep Clean On Your House This Winter

1. Spring cleaning is a great time to take advantage of the exterior parts of the home that need to be revived, but the winter is a time when everyone is locked up indoors. Take this time to get cozy, and comfortable in your interior space.

2. Begin with noticing what makes you feel comfortable in your interior space. What makes you feel happy and serene while you are inside? Is it your book collection and a nook for reading? A comfortable kitchen that you can bake and cook in? Is it reaching for your coziest sweater?

3. When you identify what it is that makes spending time in your home so comfortable, make sure to approach those areas of your home with the intention of making them more organized, comfortable, clean and refreshed. If it is your reading nook, donate old books, dust the shelves, arrange them on the shelf by color or title, reupholster your reading chair, and deep clean the carpet underneath the chair while it's in the shop. If your favorite place is the kitchen, take everything out, clean out the cabinets, get a professional oven clean, and restock your kitchen only with the things you intend to use this year. Keep everything else in storage.

4. Air quality is especially important in the winter because people are spending most of their time indoors breathing recirculated air. Winter is a great time to take deep cleaning upon yourself because you are already spending time inside. Take advantage of a nice vacuum with attachments and vacuum window treatments, lampshades, upholstered furniture, and headboards. Clean the tops of ceiling fans that can get notoriously dirty, and use small dusting cloths to get into nicks and crannies on display shelves.

5. Getting rid of the dust bunnies can also extend to the vents in your home. Dust can really gather and get stuck in ventilation systems making the circulation of dust throughout the home perpetual. Hiring a professional company to come and deep clean the vents will clear out the dust in the home so you can breathe easier and keeps it from gathering on everything.

6. Dust also gathers in carpets, so having a professional deep clean of wall to wall carpets and area rugs in the home is also beneficial. A small electric HEPA filter air filter that stands on the floor can also trap dust midair.

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10 Things To Look For When Selecting A Professional Carpet Cleaner

There are several carpet cleaning companies to choose from. However, it is important to remember that not all carpet cleaning companies are the same. There are 10 things that you should look for in a carpet cleaner.

If a carpet cleaner gets injured while they are working, then they can possibly sue you. Fortunately, you will not be held liable for someone else's injuries if they have insurance. That is why you should select a carpet cleaning company with insurance.

A good company will provide the work with a guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the service, then you will be able to get your money back. You want to select a company that provides you with a guarantee.

Safe Products
There are many carpet cleaning chemicals that are dangerous to your health and the environment. That is why it is a good idea to select a company that uses safe and natural products.

There are many people today who are running a business without the proper credentials. You should select a company that is licensed.

It is important to note that you will have to pay more in order to get quality service. However, you should definitely select a cleaning company that you can afford. That is why the price is one of the things that needs to be considered.

Written Estimates
A written estimate will allow you to budget accordingly. You should ask the company if they can provide you with a written estimate.

A good company has had several satisfied clients. You should ask if you can speak with previous clients.

Generally speaking, the more experience a carpet cleaning company has, the better. You should select a company with five or more years of experience.

Hours Available
You want to select a company that can work around your schedule. That is why you need a company that has flexible hours including evenings and weekends.

Complimentary Consultation
You should select a company that offers you a complimentary consultation. The consultation will allow you to determine whether a particular company is the right fit for you.

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10 Tips On Cleaning Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are almost here, and you are likely to be looking forward to entertaining in your home. Get your home ready by following these 10 simple tips.

1. Clean Your Appliances
Your kitchen will be the hub of holiday activity. Give your appliances a wipe down. Focus on areas you might normally miss such as your stove knobs and refrigerator handles.

2. Dust the Fans
After running all summer, your fans are covered in dust. Wipe down each blade, and switch them to their winter setting.

3. Check Under Your Furniture
Rearranging your living room may be necessary during big holiday gatherings. Avoid embarrassment by checking for stray toys and dust bunnies before your guests arrive.

4. Change Your Air Filters
Your HVAC system influences your air quality, and changing the filters will keep down the dust.

5. Clean Your Curtains
If it has been several months since your took down your curtains, go ahead and throw them in the wash. This is also a great time to switch them out if you prefer to match your holiday decorating scheme.

6. Focus on Focal Points
Holiday decorations mean that all eyes will be on places you wouldn’t normally notice. For example, mantle decorations will bring attention to your fireplace. As you decorate, notice these areas and add them to your cleaning checklist.

7. Deep Clean Your Floors
In every house, the floors take up the majority of every room. For this reason, having them professionally cleaned makes a big difference in your guest’s first impression upon entering your living area.

8. Clear Out Food Areas
Your pantry and refrigerator may become open season to guests who bring dishes to share at potlucks. Spend a few minutes checking expiration dates, and wipe up any spills that happened over the summer. Before events, make sure there is enough space for everyone to store leftovers until they go home.

9. Minimize Mess
Once you get your home clean, help everyone keep it that way by placing rugs near entrances. Boot scrapers and shoe racks also help to keep winter mud off your beautiful floors.

10. Know When to Delegate
There is no reason why you should do it all this holiday season. Get the family involved by giving the kids simple chores such as dusting the furniture. Then, arrange for professional cleaning for serious jobs or times when your holiday schedule has you frazzled.

Make this season stress-free by tackling those extra cleaning jobs right away. By doing so, you can enjoy a comfortable home while knowing the biggest thing on your to-do list is making your guest list.